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2020-12-03 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine How Gift Me Chic is Making it Easier to Find Presents for Those Who Have it All

How Gift Me Chic is Making it Easier to Find Presents for Those Who Have it All

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Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy
RETAIL-ORIENTED: Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy invites you to come in
Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy

“What to get the person who has everything” is a cliché that should never be uttered — except perhaps when online shopping for yourself over a second glass of wine. But it is certainly true that when perusing the internet for holiday-appropriate gifts, there can be a certain sameness to the inventory.

Enter Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy, a soignée former buyer for Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, and founder of the new e-commerce platform

“There’s never been a more poignant time to buy thoughtful gifts for people,” she says, “and we do the thinking for you.”

That means a selection of outside-the-box originals like Hermès silk scarves that have been remade into espadrilles, cashmere sweater appliqués, and even $175 face masks by the upcycling label Respoke. Or perhaps you know someone who would enjoy a “bespoke crystal prescription” ($350 for 90 minutes) from Paige Novick, who puts the woo! into woo-woo with a “customized chakra balancing meditation, visualizing crystal ribbons of cleansing, healing and strengthening.”

There are also cult insider brands such as Etnikarte, a Marbella-based company sourcing products made by women in Colombia, and Fleur du Mal, a swimwear and lingerie line — finds that she discovers on her frequent travels.

“During Covid the majority of my research has been limited to word of mouth,” says Jones-Hennessy, who divides her time between New York and Paris, and is married to Kilian Hennessy, the parfumeur and cognac heir. “I’m lucky to have friends with beautiful taste who’ll put me onto things like a new jewelry brand from Norway or an artisanal fashion brand made by Colombian women.”

Jones-Hennessy, who has recently been involved with Pajama Program, plans to create scholarships in the far-flung communities whose wares the site sells.

“I want to make sure that the charities I align myself with really make sense with the brand,” she says, “so I have been meeting with anyone and everyone.”

The good news is that you can support this philanthropic vision through shopping. After giving your friends the “Crème de la Crème Caviar Package” ($400) or Maison de la Truffe black truffle gift box ($250), for example, you might also like to add the “customized nutrition consultation” ($375) with Dr. Penelope McDonnell.And once you’ve completed your gift list…feel free to throw in David Sawyer’s $150 “Red Wines for Fall” selection for yourself.

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