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2024-06-28 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Morgenthal Frederics’ Unique Eye on Design

Morgenthal Frederics’ Unique Eye on Design

The heritage New York luxury  brand crafts the world’s most stylish bespoke eyewear

For over a century, Morgenthal Frederics has been handcrafting the world’s finest frames. In 2006, the brand introduced the first eyewear collection made of natural buffalo horn and the eyewear game has never been the same.

Every heirloom-quality piece is truly unique, crafted by hand over hundreds of hours as artisans carve, sculpt and press each set of frames so they fit the wearer perfectly. Of course, such bespoke quality comes with a price tag and the frames can cost from $,2500-$3,000. This meticulous approach to couture-style detail has led to highly collectible collaborations with Cartier, Oscar de la Renta, SABAYASCHI and Salvatore Ferragamo, to name a few.

Avenue spoke to Catherine D’Orazio, Morgenthal Frederic’s Head of Product Development to get the scoop.

Why is horn so special and also so expensive?

The beauty of horn is that because it’s a natural material, each piece is unique unto itself. In addition to being unbelievably beautiful, horn is lightweight and comfortable and, in the hands of a professional, is completely adjustable for a perfect fit. Our expert opticians make each pair feel tailor-made for each unique customer. It’s the best of all worlds.

Morgenthal Frederics is like the Rolls Royce of eyewear.

Throughout the past two decades, we have elevated the craft by utilizing special colors, treatments, and laminations to create collectable and exquisite eyewear. Few brands can work with horn on our level because it requires such deep expertise and dedication. When we first start with new design ideas like hand carvings, cut outs, or bold colors achieved through an intricate vegetable dye process, it’s often the first time it’s ever been explored. Our artisans are true artists and masters of the craft.

Who is the customer for bespoke horn glasses?

Anyone who wants to experience the finest eyewear material. We have developed a horn clientele who become collectors because it’s difficult to find other glasses that are as comfortable and beautiful. We love the individualism that horn eyewear inspires. We often say we help people amplify their individuality. From classic to bold styling – horn eyewear satisfies each perspective. 

Is horn a sustainable material?

What is so special about horn is that the material is created first. We then work with that very specific material for each individual frame. The process begins with the custom laminating of horn. Each piece is then cut and polished by hand by our artisans in Germany. The entire process is done in the most eco conscious way possible. The factory in Germany is wind and water powered. All waste from the horn frames is used as fertilizer in the vineyards around the factory. Because we only use Indian water buffalo, no animals are harmed in the process as they must live a full and natural life cycle. The result is truly one-of-a-kind eyewear and the fact that we do it in such a sustainable manner is a point of great pride for the brand.

Like Avenue, Morgenthal Frederics is a true New York institution.

We take our role in providing beautiful eyewear and flawless optics very seriously – and our amazing opticians work with the world’s best clientele and that is exciting and energizing every day. Our heritage is everything to us – yet we want to use our deep expertise to pave the path forward. To us, that means providing the absolute best products for perfect vision, unrivaled comfort, and personal expression.

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