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2024-07-02 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine MUST-SEE art show: Edward Fawcett Carey at Guild Hall

MUST-SEE art show: Edward Fawcett Carey at Guild Hall


May 18 – July 15
158 Main Street, East Hampton

Edward “Ted” Fawcett Carey was known for many things in his lifetime. As an artist, collector, author, and teacher, Carey was part of the lively New York art scene that emerged mid-century. He was also a close friend and studio assistant of Andy Warhol. Since his passing from AIDS in East Hampton in 1985, however, Carey has not been widely known in the canon of art history. A new show at the storied nonprofit Guild Hall seeks to correct this, celebrating Carey’s life and work and tracing the development of his paintings that documented his personal life and relationships while also addressing themes of queer culture. Running through July 15, the exhibition, “Ted Carey: Queer as Folk,” was organized by independent curator Matthew Nichols, PhD, and draws from Guild Hall’s permanent collection, marking the first time many of the works have been on view since the artist’s memorial exhibition in 1985. – ANNABEL KEENAN

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