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2024-03-14 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine This Emerging Italian Fashion Brand is Taking Over New York

This Emerging Italian Fashion Brand is Taking Over New York

DOLCE VIDA One of Eleventy's recent campaigns
Photo courtesy of Eleventy

The term “quiet luxury” gets bandied about a lot these days. But Eleventy, the Italian label that’s sweeping across America, takes a different approach to the trend of understated dressing. “We strongly believe for the future that ‘smart luxury’ is very, very important,” says designer Marco Baldassari, who cofounded the brand in Milan in 2007. “Our main asset is quality and that everything is made in Italy. We want to give the consumer the right value for each item. People need to know what they are buying — the fabrics and time it takes to make a coat.”

Wherever the global glamour set go, Eleventy (a play on the word “elevate”) has followed. They recently opened a store in Bal Harbour and have locations in Beverly Hills; Palm Beach; Greenwich, Connecticut; and on Madison Avenue, as well as Milan, Paris, and London.

Drawstring-waist pants in lush materials like cashmere and what Baldassari calls the “magic jacket” — a laser-cut jersey sport coat originally designed in 2007 that is still one of the brand’s biggest sellers — are smart enough to wear to both the office and Casa Cipriani. Structured, but loose and comfy, in a subdued color palate of beiges mixed with light forest green and dusty blues, Eleventy has gained a cult following among men in the U.S., including actors Chris Evans and James Marsden, and athletes such as hockey champ Trevor Zegras and tennis star Novak Djokovic. Crafted with the same luxe fabrics but at a more wallet-friendly price, Eleventy is luring customers away from Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana. “Americans have an infatuation with Italian style,” Baldassari says in his melodic Milanese accent. “They love that the brand has a strong connection to Italy. Whether it’s Italian fashion or food, people are impressed. Anytime you talk to an American about Italy, their face lights up.”

Eleventy designer and founder, Marco Baldassari
Photo courtesy of Eleventy

With thick silver hair, Fellini-star good looks, and a uniform of perfectly fitting Eleventy pieces (jeans, a light blue T-shirt, and a gray “magic jacket”), Baldassari is the ideal billboard for his brand. Unlike the streetwear craze taking over luxury brands like Balmain and Givenchy, with loud logos emblazoned on everything, Eleventy is logo free. If anything, the label’s subtle color schemes are their logo. Customers tell Baldassari that they can always spot an Eleventy piece in a crowded room.

There will be a pop-up shop this summer in the Hamptons and plans to open stores in South Coast Plaza and eventually Aspen. They’ve already added womenswear and accessories like sunglasses and a few home items. One day Baldassari would love to bring his “smart luxury” to hospitality. “It would be a dream to have an Eleventy hotel in the future,” he says, his eyes growing wider. “We could have our whole philosophy there—the food, the sounds, the fragrance, the materials, the uniforms — all in a very chic, responsibly sustainable, and healthy atmosphere. An Eleventy world.”

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