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2024-02-27 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine This Brazilian Perfume Brand Just Opened its First US Store on the UES

This Brazilian Perfume Brand Just Opened its First US Store on the UES

Inside the Granado store on Madison Avenue
Photo courtesy of Granado

The tropical lushness of Brazil has come to Manhattan. Granado, the legacy perfumery founded by Jose Antonio Coxito Granado in Rio de Janeiro that dates to 1870 and was the official pharmacy of the Brazilian imperial family for more than 154 years, has opened a jewel-box of a store on Madison Avenue, their first in America. The new 300 square foot boutique — an explosion of tropical prints and colors with gold and marble details, is a modern interpretation of its first location in Rio’s City Center. Committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and eco-friendly practices, Granado products are not tested on animals and are made from natural ingredients sourced from the unique, vibrant landscapes of Brazil. The Vintage line, cased in collectible Art Nouveau-style bottles with packaging inspired by the brand’s historic labels from the 19th century, is already selling out.  

The New York store carries an extensive line of vegetable-based glycerin soaps, body butters, sugar exfoliants and of course Granado’s famous fragrances which will leave you smelling like a tropical rainforest on a Spring day.

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