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2023-10-17 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Personal Watch Safes are Getting a Chic Makeover

Personal Watch Safes are Getting a Chic Makeover

ABOUT TIME Wempe and Buben & Zörweg ensure watches are stored safely and stylishly
Photo courtesy of Wempe

Watch collectors have Wempe — the Fifth Avenue luxury timepiece boutique — on speed dial for that impossible-to-find Rolex Daytona or the $325,265 Grand Complications Men’s Patek Philippe. And with any mouth-watering, über-expensive watch collection comes the task of storing your pieces in safety and style. Wempe has that covered, too. Slip downstairs to the private lounge-cum-showroom (which feels more like a member’s club) and behold the dazzling array of Buben & Zörweg watch winding safes. Founded in Germany in 1995 by childhood chums Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg (who developed the “Time Mover” technology in 1998), the watch winding cabinets can be custom-built to house dozens of priceless pieces along with enviable add-ons, like a state-of-the-art stereo system; high-precision tourbillon clocks; humidors, bars, and hidden compartments for jewelry; and motion-activated, high-security safes.

Buben & Zörweg cabinets are stylish works of art in themselves, with luxurious finishes in wood, lacquer, glass, and stainless steel. Buben & Zörweg can custom-make the watch winding safe of your wildest dreams — there is even a cabinet in pink quilted leather for the Barbie obsessed and, for $127,600,you can store your watches in the Collector Deluxe Ebony Grigio — a masterpiece in black semi-gloss with inlays of ebony. As they say, time is money.

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