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2022-01-07 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine A Maximalist Magazine’s Guide to the Home

A Maximalist Magazine’s Guide to the Home

TABLE STAKES An elaborate place setting from Casa Cabana
Photo by Kensignton Levern

Upon its launch in the spring of 2014, Cabana magazine quickly became a cult favorite among maximalist aesthetes who draw their inspiration from Renaissance paintings; the visual cacophony of Moroccan souks; and the richly patterned textiles of houses such as Etro, Renzo Mongiardino, and, most recently, Gucci, where an over-the-top design ethos has been cultivated under the watchful eye of Alessandro Michele.

The brainchild of Milanese publishing scion Martina Mondadori, the limited-edition, fabric-covered shelter semiannual is celebrated once again in Casa Cabana, the volume a fitting companion to the previously released Cabana Anthology (Vendome, 2018).

MOROCCAN ROLL A room with a point-of-view from Casa Cabana
Photo by Antonio Monfreda and Georgio Horn, from Cabana issue 13, S/S 2020

A veritable feast for the eyes that Mondadori likens to a “visual atlas to trigger the imagination,” Casa Cabana is first and foremost an ode to the joys of entertaining at home, albeit a sumptuously appointed one. Its riot of glorious pattern-on-pattern place settings and ornate interior details is complemented by a suite of simple yet splendid recipes, such as mozzarella grilled with fresh lemon leaves and drizzled with olive oil. “This is not a book on entertaining,” Mondadori writes. “It is about setting the table, [or rather] ‘dressing it,’ [that very act] a prelude to a moment of conviviality, en famille or with friends.”

Casa Cabana by Martina Mondadori, foreword by Aerin Lauder (Vendome, $85) is available online and in stores now.

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