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2021-07-26 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Alexandre Assouline Knows the Best Spot in NYC to Watch Le Football

Alexandre Assouline Knows the Best Spot in NYC to Watch Le Football

Photo by Emilia Brandã

This season, Avenue is celebrating all things French. In this special series, we’re interviewing prominent French and Francophone New Yorkers, to speak on what they love about their adopted city.

“I love the contagious energy of New York City. It makes you so much more open-minded, as it’s a wonderful hub of so many incredible cultures,” says second-generation luxury publisher Alexandre “Alex” Assouline. “One is not only exposed to a variety of backgrounds, but also to many different influences from around the world — whether it be in the art realm, cuisine, fashion… the list goes on.”

The Paris-born second son of Prosper and Martine Assouline, who moved to Manhattan along with his parents 14 years ago, has since forged his own path within the family firm. Starting out as a graphic designer, he soon took on the role of digital and marketing director, and now serves as global vice president for the publishing house. In addition to being charged with expanding business development — overseeing an umbrella of key departments, including marketing, communications, wholesale, retail, logistics, and digital development — Alex inaugurated a curated library service, in which he closely works with Assouline clients to visualize, design, and curate bespoke libraries.

“When it comes to the books we publish, it is all about luxury, which, for me, is all about representing culture as an essential element of true and unparalleled style.”

Off hours, he can be found enjoying a cocktail at Odeon, steak frites at Lucien, or taking in a game of le football at Félix in SoHo. “Every French person in New York meets here, and the energy is amazing,” he says.

“As we move into the new normal in the months ahead, I’m very excited to be able to reconnect with my past relationships and see how businesses and people have evolved or learned from this past year. Personally, I have reshifted my priorities, and I think it really helped my own growth.”

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