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2020-04-16 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Claws In: the Best Tools for an At-Home Manicure

Claws In: the Best Tools for an At-Home Manicure

Missing your usual trips to the nail salon? Here are some products that will allow you to get a spa-level manicure at home

Clean your canvas

Erase the remains of your last mani without damaging your nails with this polish remover/hand cleanser set by Tenoverten. They come in wipes, so the process couldn’t be easier.

Polish remover and hand cleanser cloths, $32, by Tenoverten. Available at


Gather your tools

This simple kit from Violet Grey has everything you need to get started: a glass file, nail clippers, cuticle clippers, and cuticle oil.

Nail spa set, $79, by Violet Grey. Available at



Hydrate with this Dermask by Dr. Jart+, which was inspired by professional salon techniques.

Hand hydrating mask, $12, by Dr. Jart+. Available at


Start with a good base

Sundays makes a super hydrating base coat. As an added bonus, the brand sells it as a package with its top coat polish.

Base and top coat set, $32, by Sundays. Available at


For those who love classic colors:

Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” is an incredibly popular neutral that can be found at most nail salons in the city.

Nail polish, $9, by Essie. Available at


For those who love trendy colors:

Earlier this year, Pantone proclaimed “blue” is the color of 2020. While this shade by Veque is lighter than what the color giant suggested, it feels more seasonally appropriate.

Nail polish in “Seduisant,” $18, by Veque. Available at


For those who love bold colors:

If ever there was a time to experiment with your beauty look and go outside your comfort zone, it’s now.

Nail polish in “Le Vernis,” $28, by Chanel. Available at


For those who want to play around:

Minimalist nail art, mixing complimentary shades, and multi-colored manicures (especially in neutral hues) are currently trending online. Paintbox has a series of polish duos to get you started. The brand also has images and tutorials on Instagram for design inspiration!

“Like Lush” and “Like Flora” set, $40, by Paintbox. Available at


Set the mood

Most spas have a soundtrack. Sundays in NYC offers guided meditation as an add-on for its manicure services. Now, you can get the same experience at home.

Meditation USB, $28, by Sundays. Available at


Keep your hands feeling smooth

Take care of your mani until you can get back to the salon with a daily hand cream. This one by Diptyque smells like sweet almonds and Virginia cedar.

Velvet hand lotion, $46, by Diptyque. Available at
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