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2020-05-06 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine For $2000, You Can Get Carbone Dinners Delivered to the Hamptons

For $2000, You Can Get Carbone Dinners Delivered to the Hamptons

The Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant is finally available Out East!
Photo by Douglas Friedman, via Major Food Group

Manhattanites who are sheltering in place in the Hamptons can now get a taste of home delivered: Carbone has just launched a meal subscription service. Titled Carbone Home, the program delivers dinner packages once a week throughout the summer.

According to its website, the team at Carbone puts together a prepared dinner package (assembly and cooking required) that can feed up to four people. Each package costs $500, with a minimum commitment of four weeks.

As Eater points out, the service is actually a sweet deal for Carbone fans. A typical dinner at the Manhattan location can cost up to $250 per person.

If you’re looking to recreate the restaurant experience at home, add-ons include wine, liquor, and table settings and decor from Social Studies.

Unfortunately the deadline to place a request for May has already passed. But now that you’re in the know, keep an eye out for future sign up forms. Meanwhile, those still in the city can continue to indulge in Carbone by ordering through apps like Caviar and DoorDash.

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