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2024-02-13 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine One Award-Winning Chef is Bringing Italian Flair to the Bahamas

One Award-Winning Chef is Bringing Italian Flair to the Bahamas

A taste for the tropics
BAHAMIAN BOÎTE The dining room at Paranza, Chef Michael White's new restaurant at the Cove resort
Photo by Kovah Duncombe

Hidden inside a secluded tropical oasis at the Cove at Atlantis resort lies the island’s newest treasure in the Bahamas. Renowned chef Michael White, who’s won Michelin Stars and numerous James Beard Awards creating dining sensations like Marea, Lido, and the Lambs Club, has brought his magic to Paradise Island with his latest dining experience, Paranza, named after the trawls or fishing nets dragged along the bottom of the sea.

“Paranza is the most important opening in my culinary career since Marea,” White declares proudly. “Paranza offers an opportunity for me to express my passion for the delicate intricacies of coastal Italian cuisine while exploring new flavors and tastes of the region.” Boldface names have been flocking to the spot recently, including Helena Christensen, Katie Couric, and Adrien Brody with girlfriend, Georgina Chapman.

Chef Michael White
Photo by Kovah Duncombe

White masterfully fuses his signature coastal Italian cuisine with the local Caribbean flavors inside a sleek, modern upscale Bahamian version of a Midtown power room. Design studio Jeffrey Beers International imagined the space with soaring ceilings, oversized custom blown-glass chandeliers, brass light fixtures in the shape of seashells, and a temperature-controlled glass wall of expensive wines. Bleached wood details, sandy-colored terrazzo, and velvety blue banquets evoke a breezy style. One would forget they were in the Bahamas at all if it weren’t for the large windows overlooking the dramatic tropical beachfront scenery and azure sea.

A seafood dish on offer
Photo by Kovah Duncombe

Known for his innovative spin on authentic Italian fare, White dishes out everything from ricciola; locally sourced amber jack crudo with Fresno chilis and basil; squid-ink linguine; and polipo, grilled octopus with pancetta borlotti beans and rosemary vinaigrette. There are also the more traditional handmade pastas, seafood risottos, and prime New York strip steaks on offer. The extensive dessert menu offers a perfect tiramisu and dark chocolate mousse, fresh mango sorbet, guava gelato, and coconut rice pudding with local fruit. As the locals say: “I straight!” which translates to, “It’s all good!”

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