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2022-06-23 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Inside Manhattan's Chicest New Private Wellness Studio

Inside Manhattan's Chicest New Private Wellness Studio

Home sweat home
HEAVY LIFTING The Oleon House weight room
Photo by Bill Miles

This summer, Avenue is exploring the best of New York’s spa offerings. Click here to read more from this series — because if you can relax here, you can relax anywhere.

Working out in loft-like spaces tucked into residential Manhattan neighborhoods has become a genre unto itself. But few are as intimate as Oleon House, a newly opened private wellness studio helmed by Carlos Leon and Menna Olvera.

If the former name sounds familiar, that’s likely because Leon once upon a time dated Madonna and the two share a daughter, Lourdes (who happens to work out with her dad three times a week). But who among us hasn’t romanced a pop culture icon? Should that define us 20 years later?

In the interim, Leon, an actor and a personal trainer, has deepened his expertise to the point of profundity and joined forces with Olvera, a functional medicine coach and integrative health practitioner. Oleon House is like a luxurious fitness mullet: business in the front, party in the back. A visit includes a very personal interview with both Leon and Olvera, followed by 30 minutes of intense work with Leon — think battle ropes, assault bikes, and medicine balls — and then 30 minutes of restorative yoga led by Olvera in the peaceful back room. First you sweat in a series of interval training periods, then you lollygag with various bolsters and accessories nestled around you. For those who value privacy and despise the untz-untz club-feel of many gyms, Oleon House is your new fitness oasis.

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