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2021-11-04 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Three Must-See Gallery Shows This Fall

Three Must-See Gallery Shows This Fall

From NYC to Palm Beach, here's what to see this season

Lehmann Maupin, 501 West 24th Street
November 4–January 8, 2022

AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT Light and Space artist Helen Pashgian’s Untitled (2018), in cast epoxy and resin, is being presented by Lehmann Maupin
Photo courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin

For her debut outing at the New York gallery, and her first show in the United States since 1969, California Light and Space artist Helen Pashgian has expanded on a body of work for which she is best known, creating, in the words of gallerist David Maupin, “innovative sculptures — vibrantly colored columns, discs, and spheres — that engage light, color, and form in wholly unique ways.” Often featuring an isolated minimal shape that appears suspended, embedded, or encased within, he explains, Pashgian’s works are characterized by their semi-translucent surfaces that somehow both redirect and contain illumination.

Pace, 540 West 25th Street
November 9–December 23

DAWN OF MAN The Painter, Fig. 1 (2021), in bronze, lacquer, canvas, and wood, is one of 11 new sculptural works by Elmgreen and Dragset on view at Pace
Photo by Elmar Vestner, courtesy of the artist and Pace Gallery

For their first major show since joining the gallery in 2020, the Nordic-born, Berlin-based duo of Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset will offer a narrative installation comprised of 11 sculptural works that speak to current sociopolitical conditions and address such topics as fairness in competition, gun violence, and truth in media. Among these is The Painter, Fig. 1, a sculptural rendering of the act of painting, which blends the two media such that reality and representation are playfully intertwined. To accompany the presentation, the gallery will be publishing a catalog with an essay by essay by the writer Martin Herbert and an interview with the artists by the art historian Richard Shiff.

Lehmann Maupin
440 South County Road, Palm Beach
November 23–December 31

OH SO COLORFUL Do Ho Suh’s Oval Doorknobs: Horsham, Providence Homes (detail), executed earlier this year in polyester fabric and stainless steel wire
Photo courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin

“The Seoul-born, London-based artist is known for a multidisciplinary practice that confronts questions of home, memory, marginality, and the correlation between psychic and physical space,” says gallerist David Maupin of the upcoming exhibition of works by Do Ho Suh. The show will feature a suite of autobiographical fabric sculptures representing household objects from the itinerant artist’s former residences and studios around the globe — in Seoul, Berlin, Providence, London, and New York. The presentation also includes a set of “Specimen Works” — exquisitely sewn fabric versions of domestic items found consistently, but with subtle variations, from country to country. Through his work, explains Maupin, “Suh distills the feeling and memory of a place in these quotidian forms: simulacra of the objects that silently punctuate the everyday.”

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