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2020-08-18 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet, the “Lolita Express”

Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet, the “Lolita Express”

Details of Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous private jet — nicknamed “the Lolita Express” — have emerged, and it’s just as horrifying as you might imagine.

The Boeing 727, currently parked at Brunswick Golden Isles airport in Georgia, looks like a flying ‘70s sex palace, complete with red velour seats and a generously-sized mattress.

“When you get inside the aircraft, it’s a playground. Everything lays out to be a bed. That was kind of creepy,” aviation consultant James McCloskey told the New York Post.

“It’s not like the aircraft is set up for a business meeting — because it’s not. There’s no chairs for anyone to sit in, except for the lie-flat chairs.”

Epstein previously hosted figures including Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey aboard the plane, which is named in lawsuits as having facilitated his sex trafficking.

“It happened all the time on the planes,” Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre said in 2016.

According to McCloskey’s account of the plane’s interior, crimes against decorating can be added to the Epstein charge sheet.

“You get on Epstein’s airplane and it’s decorated from the 1970s,” he said. “I mean, you would almost think that Elvis flew on this thing because it’s like velour, and bright red colors.”

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