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2022-07-13 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Making Margs With Martha Stewart

Making Margs With Martha Stewart


When Martha Stewart bought Edsel Ford’s former summer house in Seal Harbor, Maine, in 2021, she got a sweet gift with purchase: an important collection of Baccarat crystal in the house’s legendary Nancy design. The bonus stash that came with the property, from tiny cordials to red wine goblets, did not however include a margarita glass.

“So we started to talk,” Stewart recalls. “I modernized the pattern a bit and designed a big fat goblet which is actually perfect for margaritas, or Martha-ritas as I call them. And I made the glass large because I hate refilling cocktails.”

Allow Stewart to pour herself a big gulp. Just one of a handful of people who have collaborated with the famous crystal maker, she is quick to point out that her new additions to the Baccarat collection, which also include a bucket and a cordial, are a little more expensive than her usual offerings but are heirlooms in the making.

“I used to give Norwegian or Swedish down pillows as wedding gifts because that’s such a nice luxury item,” Stewart says. “Now they’re all getting Baccarat.” Stewart even has her name etched on the bottom of each glass — an honor not previously reserved for the living. “I’m not dead,” she jests, “and I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.”

She certainly has enough to keep her busy. In addition to the new Baccarat gig the indefatigable 80-year-old is extending her brand with deals ranging from clothes to CBD edibles, as well as a successful new white wine, Martha’s Chard (the result, she explains, of a business introduction made by her friend and frequent collaborator Snoop Dogg). And did she mention she has a podcast? “I just got off the phone with A-Rod,” she says of her friend and guest. “He was so charming and honest, and we talked about his former drug use, his years of psychoanalysis, life after J.Lo, and how living with his teenage daughters is an adequate replacement for her.”

Sounds like she could use a stiff drink, but as she tells me, she is not much of a tippler. However, when she does indulge, Stewart’s (non-Chard) poison is a margarita made with Casa Dragones Blanco. “It’s a bit too good to be mixing with fruit, but it’s such a great tequila and never gives me a hangover. My secret is pomegranate juice, a little bit of sugar, lime juice, and a salt-rimmed glass, and Cointreau is my go-to orange liqueur. Oh, and my ice cubes are made from frozen pomegranate juice, so there’s no dilution.”

That hack is certainly not as controversial as the viral recipe for guacamole that Stewart recently shared on social media, which involved the use of a soft-boiled egg and had more than one commenter wondering if Martha hadn’t been hitting the edibles a bit too hard. “You’re adding protein and a little bit of buttery delicious bulk,” she says. “Not authentic? You know what, in Guatemala it is muy autentico.”

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