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2022-02-14 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine Socialite NFTs Are Here

Socialite NFTs Are Here

It’s like cruising around the Mediterranean on Ivana Trump’s yacht… but as an NFT
Image courtesy of Nikki Haskell

In one sense, it’s a wonder it has taken this long.

Nikki Haskell, the bi-coastal social known (among many other things) for her eponymous ‘80s nightlife program on New York cable access television; a decades-long run as a diet pill queen, with a billboard of her svelte self on Sunset Boulevard; and as a close friend of Ivana Trump and Clive Davis, has gotten into the NFT game.

“Everyone’s doing it, so I thought why not me,” she told Avenue.

Image courtesy of Nikki Haskell

On offer are NFTs of her watercolor work, many completed while on vacation with Trump, Davis and other stars, in a series called “Ports of Call.” Hers’s the view from her cabin on Ivana’s yacht of Capri or San Tropez; there’s the vista she enjoyed while in Hawaii or Miami with Clive — that sort of thing.

Ben Weiss is the 22-year-old whiz helping offer the series on Rarible, a popular NFT digital marketplace. He says for the price, you will get a piece of digital art, as well as a signed limited edition physical print of the watercolor, and maybe also extras like the chance to FaceTime with Nikki.

Image courtesy of Nikki Haskell

His pitch to potential customers?

“They’re buying a digital collectible,” says Weiss with scarcely controlled excitement. “It appreciates and grows in value, just like a stock.”

The NFTs start at 0.25 Ethereum (currently about $740), so you’ll need a crypto wallet if you want to start buying. Go get ’em!

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