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2023-11-28 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine The UES Plastic Surgeon Helping Men Look Their Best

The UES Plastic Surgeon Helping Men Look Their Best

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech
Photo by Michael Benabib

NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech (or “Dr. Doug” to friends) is revolutionizing the male beauty industry. Faster than you can say Botox three times, Dr. Steinbrech has become the go-to cosmetic surgeon sought after by men all over the globe. Around 2014, the doctor started to notice societal shifts in the way men were handling aging and their appearance. He became determined to expand the limited number of aesthetic procedures available to men and created new techniques for the male face and body that had once been reserved to meet the demands of a female patient-dominated industry.

As Hollywood pumps out superheroes with square-jawed alpha males and the “Instagram Effect” pressures men to post selfies looking great, regular Joes are now obsessed with how they appear on both an iPhone screen and a Zoom call. “Before, the only time guys would take off their shirts was when they were playing shirts versus skins,” Dr. Steinbrech says. “But because of role models like Tom Brady, guys were getting fitter, showing off more, and becoming much more comfortable and prouder of it.”

These days, procedures like abdominal sculpting and bicep implants are now common among Dr. Steinbrech’s two most prominent client types: C-suiters and “Biggest Winners” (a playful twist on the reality show, The Biggest Loser). The C-suiter wants to feel young, look vibrant, and retain his dominance over the younger set. He’s probably had a neck lift, tightened up around the eyes, and some laser treatments. He may have had rhinoplasty and injectables. Think of it as the studly swan trend. All these pricey procedures are in the hopes of keeping up with the younger set in the office, on the beach, and on dating apps. “There are a lot of young pups he’s got to stay competitive with,” says Dr. Steinbrech.

But the “Biggest Winners” are the clients Dr. Steinbrech is most proud of — those who have overcome major hurdles in weight loss for a complete body transformation. Whether a result of the new Ozempic craze or countless hours in the gym, massive weight loss patients require a completely different set of procedures that Dr. Steinbrech has become renowned for. “It’s not uncommon to see patients who have lost 100 pounds. They’re super appreciative because they worked so hard, and they are happy that someone else can help finish the job. We’ll do torso tucks, body banking, and implants. We’ll trim off excess skin all the way around and can even do chest lifts. Those are my favorite patients.”

It’s no longer hush-hush or taboo that men have joined the race to look younger. They are setting aside the keys to that new Ferrari during bonus season on Wall Street and instead investing heavily in the surgical fountain of youth. “When it comes to today’s man,” Dr. Steinbrech concludes, “they know what they want. They treat me like a business consultant. They come ready to put their trust in me to do for them what I need to do.”

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