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2020-12-21 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine

Avenue's Year in Review: Our Best Author Interviews

Avenue's Year in Review: Our Best Author Interviews

Readers rejoice!

Avenue spent time with the writers of several of the past year’s most significant book releases. Click through for our all-star author interviews, below.

Inside ‘Inside Story,’ Martin Amis’s Final Novel

Martin Amis
Amis at home
Photo by Elena Seibert

The British author said Inside Story, the book he released earlier this year, will be his final long-form novel. Avenue spoke with him about it, and his life in Brooklyn. Read the full story.

Kevin Kwan Just Dropped a Blockbuster Book. Now He Wants to Make Shoes in Italy

Kevin Kwan
Kevin Kwan
Photo by Raen Badua

The best-selling author discussed his latest novel, Sex and Vanity — a romantic comedy set in New York and the Hamptons, and a nuanced exploration of race and identity — as well as his life in lockdown. Read the full story.

Cecily von Ziegesar Moves From ‘Gossip Girl’ to ‘Cobble Hill’

Cecily von Ziegesar in Brooklyn
Photo by Richard Griggs

The creator of the Gossip Girl series has moved on to a book that reflects her current stage of life. Avenue spoke to Cecily von Ziegesar about life (real and fictional) in contemporary haute Brooklyn. Read the full story.

Batteries Are Not Included in Jonathan Lethem’s New Dystopian Novel

Jonathan Lethem
Lethem at home in suburban Los Angeles
Photo by Rainer Hosch

Lethem’s The Arrest takes place in a world where all modern technology mysteriously fails. Avenue asked him — is that dystopia or utopia? Read the full story.

Amanda Brainerd was a Teenage Wild Child. Did her own Children Follow her Lead?

Amanda Brainerd
Brainerd as a teenager in the ’80s
Photo courtesy of Amanda Brainerd

Age of Consent was inspired by Brainerd’s own past. The novelist spoke to Avenue about wealth, dysfunctional parents, and growing up in Manhattan in the go-go ’80s. Read the full story.

Soldier-Turned-Author Elliot Ackerman Explores the Dramas of Civilian Life

Elliot Ackerman

The five-tour veteran and novelist of Red Dress in Black & White spoke to Avenue about life, love, and writing in quarantine. Read the full story.

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