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2022-12-23 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine

Avenue's Year in Review: New York's Best Restaurants, 2022

Avenue's Year in Review: New York's Best Restaurants, 2022

Things that make you go yum

Restaurant critic and writer Joshua David Stein ate his way across the city (and Palm Beach) this year. Below is a complete recap of culinary adventures. No matter what you’re in the mood for, he had a recommendation in 2022.

The Absolute Best Caviar

Photo by Fabio Balbi, via iStock Photo

Avenue‘s restaurant critic traversed the city’s finer dining establishments in search of the best caviar service. Here’s what he found. Read the full story.

Exceptional — and Experimental — Italian Restaurants Shaking Up the City

Photo by Krista Schlueter

For outstanding Italian, look no further than than these establishments. Stein found his gnocchi perfetti, his mafaldine squisete, and everything else molto yummy. Read the full story.

The Best Fine Dining Experiences

Photo courtesy of Jean-Georges Vongerichten

These new restaurants all offered spectacles, but only in one did food steal the show. Read the full story.

Two Chic Bars to Drink in Solitude

Photo by Melissa Hom, courtesy of Deux Chats

In a city with the most varied and diverse bar scene in the world, these new haunts stand out. Read the full story.

The Best Vegan Restaurants

Photo by Nitzan Keynan, courtesy of Musket Room

A natural born meat eater ventures into the vegan avant-garde. Read the full story.

The Absolute Best “All-Day” Restaurants

Photo by Francesco Sapienza

Any hour, any meal — when you need a respite and a repast, an all-day restaurant is your oasis. Read the full story.

Diet Schmiet: the Best Comfort Food in NYC

Photo by Giada Paoloni

When you like your Milanese crispy, your beans creamy, and your noodles cheesy. Read the full story.

Five Outstanding Steakhouses

Photo courtesy of Carne Mare

A lot has changed since Old Homestead in Manhattan and Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn dominated the steakhouse game. Read the full story.

BONUS: The Finest Brunch in the American Empire

Going for broke at The Breakers in Palm Beach, where the brunch buffet is almost as good as the people watching. Read the full story.

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