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2020-09-23 00:00:00 Avenue Magazine The Power List 2020: Performing Arts

The Power List 2020: Performing Arts

From ballet, to the theater, to experimental exhibitions, these creative minds are pushing performance forward

Misty Copeland
Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theater
In tumultuous times, the prima ballerina and social justice advocate continues to inspire, going en pointe in her New York living room as she led colleagues from all four corners of the globe in a virtual performance of Le Cygne — a fundraising initiative Copeland launched for dancers facing tough times due to COVID-19.

Misty Copeland
Photo by Peggy Sirota

Alex Poots
Artistic Director & CEO, The Shed
For The Shed’s debut year in 2019, the former artistic director of the Park Avenue Armory organized a five-night concert series directed by Steve McQueen, art installations, a play, and a Bjork performance. The art space is working toward reopening this fall with Rope/Fire/Water, a solo show by Howardena Pindell that will feature the artist’s first video work in 25 years.

Alex Poots
Photo by Christopher Lane/Getty Images

Jeremy O. Harris
This thought-provoking Yale graduate made his Broadway debut with Slave Play, saw an earlier work, Daddy, revived off-Broadway, and co-authored the script for the upcoming film Zola — all before turning 30. His next project? A deal with HBO.

Jeremy O. Harris
Photo by Emily Assiran/Getty Images

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